2018 Ms. Southwest Michigan

Heather Marie Walter

Platform: Mental Health-Suicide Awareness

Heather Marie Walter, Ms. Southwest Michigan 2018, grew up in Taylor Michigan with her two brothers and mother. She frequently visited her father growing up who lived in Southwest Michigan, where she later moved in 2005. Heather was blessed to have two wonderful children, Kaitlynne and Zach. Heather is a single mother who works full time at Four Winds Casino as the Transportation Manager.

Heather began her career at the casino in 2009 as a valet attendant. In 2010, she was promoted to valet lead, Heather was then promoted in 2014, to transportation shift supervisor. Her most recent promotion was in September 2017, when she was promoted to the transportation manager. Through Heather’s dedication and perseverance with the company over the last 8 years, she has received the ACES High Award in October 2011, Certificate of Achievement for completing all Leadership Classes in June of 2012, Dale Carnegie Break Through Speech and completed the course in November of 2014. Heather was able to accomplish all of this while raising both her children and buying her first house as a single mother.

Over the last couple of years, Heather noticed Kaitlynne becoming withdrawn from the daily activities she would normally enjoy and she seemed to become depressed. Her daughter started to self-harm and that’s when Heather decided to seek help. She took her daughter to a counselor, in addition to counseling she was prescribed antidepressants, but nothing seemed to help. Heather learned from a friend of her daughter’s that she had tried to commit suicide by over dosing. After this, Heather felt lost and didn’t know what to do, so she took her daughter to the hospital. Her daughter was admitted to Epworth in South Bend, which is a psychiatric facility for teens and adults. Although her daughter is doing better, Kaitlynne struggles daily with depression. After Heather’s life changing event which affected her entire family, she made it her mission to bring awareness to Mental Health-Suicidal issues that are too often not spoken about. She believes that there are many signs and steps that can be taken to increase awareness and help prevent this from happening to other families.


Title: Ms. Southwest Michigan 2018

Full Name: Heather Marie Walter

Platform Issue: Mental Health-Suicide Awareness

Age: 32 years old

Hometown: Niles, Michigan

Education: 12th Grade/ High School Diploma

School: John F. Kennedy High School

Ambition: To heighten awareness of Mental Health-Suicide issues. Educate and promote positive mental health and make it easier to get individuals the help they may need; educate people on how to cope and empower them to move forward.

Hobbies: Spending time with my children and family, going to/watching any Detroit sports, as well as, camping and yearly vacations with my children.

Other Accomplishments:
• ACES High Award 2011
• Leadership Certification 2012
• Dale Carnegie Break Through Speech 2012
• Dale Carnegie Course Completion 2012
• Accomplished progressive responsibilities promotions: Four Winds Casino.
• Bought my house as a single mother at the age of 27.





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