Davie Trinka

My family’s experience with the Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program has been absolutely wonderful. When my eleven year old came to me and said she wanted to be in pageants last January I was concerned what type of environment I would be subjecting her to. We did some research and found the Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program, I called and spoke to Frederic and knew immediately that this was not like your typical pageant. Southwest Michigan’s Pre-Teen is not a beauty pageant, it is dedicated to teaching the girls life skills, showing them that beauty comes from within and that being a positive role model in your community is vital to making the world a better place.

It was so exciting to see the growth in Chloe week after week, she truly turned into a more refined young lady and was able to more easily express her passion for helping others. While Chloe did not win the title of Southwest Michigan’s Pre-Teen this year, she did win many other awards and scholarships and is already looking forward to participating next year. After all the positive things Chloe said about her experience, her older sister decided to participate in the 2013 Miss Southwest Michigan Teen Pageant, and now Dakota comes home after each practice with only positive things to say. The practices are intense, but she has learned so much about herself and her community service project, I see her growing into an even more positive role model each day.

The group of volunteers and workers who tirelessly give of themselves for each of the young ladies that participate is truly amazing. Their caring spirit is an inspiration and I have been so impressed by all of them. If your child wants to be in a pageant that is more than just about how they look, but is about who they are and who they want to become, then the Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program is the one!

August 16,  2012