Princess 2016 Newsletter

Dear Southwest Family,

It is hard to believe it is already time for my final newsletter as Southwest Michigan’s Princess. I have been so blessed to have had this opportunity to raise dollars for my platform of feeding the hungry. I hope I have at least kept one person from going without food.

This winter I have been busy working with the Pre-Teen on getting the Spaghetti Dinner fund raiser up and running and I am glad to say it was a success.

The Christmas Tour Show was a great success and I hope that we brought much joy and Holiday cheer to the many nursing homes we got to visit. I know that I will miss each and every one of the residents I have gotten to know over the last year. It will be hard to say good bye to them on our last tour.

I had the opportunity to help Mrs. Sarah Briley, the current Mrs. Southwest Michigan with her fund raiser in January. It was great fun to participate in the fitness classes that promote a healthy body image. I think Cardio Drumming was my favorite.

I am anxious to start practices in the next couple of weeks and meet all the new girls vying to be Southwest Michigan’s Princess 2017. It is sad to know that my year is ending but also exciting to know that someone else will have the wonderful opportunity I have had.

I would like to take the time to thank all the travel companions for taking time out of their busy lives to accompany us. So often you made these long days so much fun. Thank you Frederic and Kimberly for the ice cream treats and for making us laugh. To Jenna you will always be my sister. Renee thank you for always making sure that we look amazing and for all the work on the Christmas Around the World Window. I know there are so many more that I did not mention. I want to say Thank you so very much for your time and effort that allows us to have this great experience. To our Sponsors… THANK YOU! Without your generosity this would not be possible. For the last time…..

Yours in Christ

London Adriannne Jolynn Tucker
2016 Southwest Michigan Princess