Teen 2017 Newsletter

Dear Southwest Family,

Spring is just around the corner! I am super excited because that means the best weather for running has finally arrived! Another thing is that marching band has come back for us to prepare for the Blossomtime Parade! I can’t wait to be able to get out there and be a part of it again this year.

The winter has been wonderful this year. If you don’t like snow that is! I have been able to go out on so many different events in the past few months and I have felt honored to be a part of every single one of them. I helped our Mrs. Southwest Michigan, Sarah, at her fundraiser for her platform on body image in January. I had an amazing time with her and London, who was also there. We actually participated in one of the classes at Sarah’s fundraiser. It was cardio drumming, which I learned is much more complex than I thought it would be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I really want to do it again.

In February, I went to the St. Joseph Today Ice Fest with Sarah, Jenna and London. It was definitely interesting because they had a frozen fish toss. You could pay $1 for three tosses. Southwest Michigan’s Preteen, Jenna and Southwest Michigan’s Princess, London jumped right in to be in the middle of the frozen fish. I volunteered to go around advertising it instead. There were so many children that wanted the chance to toss around dead fish, it was endearing! I applaud them for being more willing to touch the fish then me.

In the past few months, I also have been preparing to go out and start my speaking tour to talk about my platform of Childhood Leukemia. I have engagements lined up and I am gearing up to go on them. The best thing, though, that I am doing to promote my platform is going to a gala, hosted by my partner organization, Angels of Hope. They help support families that have children with cancer. They understand that sometimes these families struggle to make ends meet and they are there to help with the bills that these families may need help on. I am so privileged that I am going to be able to go to their annual gala on March 18th. I will get to meet their board and some of the families that they help. I can’t wait to go!!

I also have been planning my fundraiser. It will happen in the next few months, and I will definitely keep everyone posted!

I pray that everyone has a wonderful and blessed spring!

Much love,

Elizabeth Jorgensen
Miss Southwest Michigan Teen 2017