Teen 2018 Newsletter

Dear Southwest Family,

Happy New Year!!  I cannot believe it is the New Year! This last year has been filled with many blessings and I am so excited to see what 2018 will have in store for me! While it has been a busy year, filled with Southwest fun, holidays, family gatherings, and lots of laughs, it is so hard to believe that it’s 2018.

                  In the past few months I have been quite busy. With many events such as the Lawrence Ox Roast, Niles Apple Festival, the Blue Roof Church Compelled Outreach Halloween, St. Joseph Today Halloween, Blue Star Mothers of America, St. Joseph Today Luminary Festival, Southwest Goodwill Tour, St. Joseph Today Mannequin, Paw Paw Christmas Parade, Animal Aid Christmas Bazaar, St. Joseph Today Reindog Parade, Bangor Christmas Parade, Martin’s Snapshots with Santa as well as, preparing for two Southwest Goodwill Christmas Tours.  Community Service is the Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program focus.

                  In the next few months I will be preparing for and starting my speaking tour.  I will go around Southwest Michigan visiting the service clubs and explaining my platform, how and why I am involved with Alzheimer’s disease, and presenting information about this very complex disease. I am very excited to explain and discuss my platform that is so near and dear to my heart.

Entry forms for the 2018 Southwest Michigan Mrs., Ms., Miss, Pre-Teen, and Princess Scholarship Programs are now available. The Pre-Teen and Princess are for girls ages 6-12, Miss is for young women ages 17-25 Collage bound, Ms. is for women ages 25-70 who are not married and Mrs. is for women ages 25-70 who have been married for at least two years. To enter please visit our website at www.misssouthwestmichigan.org. Competing in the Southwest Michigan Scholarship Program teaches leadership skills and provides community service opportunities to all entrants. This program offers participants, a great opportunity to grow and I urge you to encourage the ladies in your life to enter.


Ashley Lynn Little
Miss Southwest Michigan Teen 2018